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This community is for fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, his friend and colleague Dr Watson, their stories and all their adventures in all media. Also discussed are the actors, writers, and artists who have brought the stories to life, and any interests of the fans who write and depict the immortal characters. *Frankymole*

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The Rules:
*Be polite! All the people can have their own opinion. We love all our friends. Always ask, if something is not clear to you. Talking is important. (As we have seen.) :) All impolite comments will be deleted, and I myself am going to do that. *promise*

*You can talk about everything here, and share your joys and sorrows, Holmesian or not, but this is a public community. Be sure that noone can harm you by knowing of your personal life. You can always "lock" the thread, though, only for your friends to see.

Welcome! :)

EDIT (by frankymole) the first gallery is up, screengrabs of Colin Jeavons in various roles (N.B. This journal format does not allow a "links" list, so most posts with links have a Tab named "link" to bring them all up): http://pics.livejournal.com/frankymole/gallery/00002h8e